Hello and welcome to my new blog about the county of my birth, Lincolnshire.  I have lived in Lincolnshire most of my life and my family has its roots buried deep in the Lincolnshire soils.  This blog will travel all around Lincolnshire telling you about the towns, villages, countryside and coast that make up this large and varied county.  Hopefully it will inspire some of you to explore this county whether you already live here or if you are from out of the county maybe it might inspire you to come and visit for a day or week.

There will be posts about places I visit from country parks and nature reserves to stately homes to museums and local places to shop.   Lincolnshire is famous for its farm land and food production so there will also be posts about where to buy lovely local food.

If you have a business or attraction that you would like me to feature on this blog, please get in touch.